I really love our family of hearing impaired clients, patients, friends, and family. Dedication to these folks, helping them to hear better, or to hear their best, and be immersed in digital technology doing so is heartwarming and completely exciting. Their smiles, even tears of joy, when we release the sounds into their ears is almost indescribable.

We test the ears of each patient to know more about their hearing loss. We install the prescriptive settings into the Hearing Aid which has a computer in it to house the individual’s settings. Then, with the Hearing Instrument fitted (physically) in both ears, we can release new sounds into the clients ears so he or she can experience a different, more efficient way of hearing.

No one on this planet, no matter how many degree’s in Acoustic Science, Physics, Audiology or even Medicine will know what this person is going to really hear when the sounds go live, coming through the micro-processors of the hearing instruments. This is because every person on this beautiful, blue planet has a different perception process to hear sound, music, speech, nature, or just noise, and combinations thereof. No two persons hear the same because our brain collects, identifies, classifies, interprets, and even disseminates the sounds to different parts of the brain. In milliseconds!

Our dear loved ones, and even ourselves with hearing loss who are not wearing aids, are lowering brain activity, slowing cognition, increasing isolation, and more. The opposite begins when we are fit with the best hearing aid technology that matches the way our brain hears and perceives. The task is huge for any Hearing Professional to be proficient with every technology knowing there are hundreds of choices out there. But this is what I’ve dedicated myself to learn.

Hearing Care Center simply has more tools in the chest to perfectly fit folks with the best hearing instruments, regardless of budget. Most of our competitors focuses on one manufacturer’s technology for everyone! To me it’s a moral issue to be able to select from all the available technologies. It’s something I’ve been blessed to do for 33 years, and have taught Audiologists and Hearing Aid Specialists to do also!