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Chappell Hearing Care Centers

Chappell Hearing Care Center – Fort Worth, Texas

We are the Fort Worth area source for everything in the Hearing Care industry

Hearing Aids in Fort Worth, Texas

Chappell Hearing Care Center provides personalized service, top quality hearing health care and the latest hearing aids and hearing technologies available in the Fort Worth area. We carry hearing aids from most major hearing aid vendors, and we carry hearing protection devices such as musician’s filters and in-ear monitors.

Thank you Dear, for having your hearing tested at Chappell Hearing Care Centers!

If you know you have hearing loss or expect you may have hearing loss, or if you are assisting a friend or family member who has hearing loss, Chappell Hearing Care Center is here to help. Our goal is to help restore the fullness and enjoyment of life that was diminished as a result of hearing loss. This requires us to understand our patient’s hearing loss and lifestyle, then to match the hearing aid technology that best restores normalcy with maximum comfort and convenience.

We are the Fort Worth area source for everything in the Hearing Care Industry. We provide complete hearing information and answers, clinical observations and referrals, product displays and demonstrations, and the latest hearing aid technologies and lifestyle improvements for the hearing challenged.

How Chappell Hearing Care Center is Helping During COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are helping our patient, clients and friends who are essential workers. This includes our Nurses, MD’s, Firemen, EMS, Caregivers, and Truckers. We fix their hearing aids on the spot, night or day, 7 days a week.

We also give high priority to patients who are near deaf and experience hearing aid problems. We know that many have to hear for life to be tolerable, and we are here for you also.

We are open for business, but we see only a few patients daily, so no one see’s another patient. We keep fresh air flowing through the front and back doors,and disinfect in between patients. We have HEPA grade air filters in the patient rooms and in our HVAC system. HEPA air filtering is the only filter capable of trapping a virus.

Featured Hearing Aids

Signia Styletto X

Multiple world’s first innovations:

  • Automatically adjusts to your movements and changes in the soundscape for better hearing
  • Clinically proven to deliver better than normal hearing in noisy environments
  • Delivers a natural own voice without compromise

Includes Face Mask Mode:

A Styletto X Exclusive! This Bluetooth-powered setting limits mask muffled by sharply reducing background noise. Activate directly in the Signia app.

Signia Silk X
Tailor-made without the wait:

  • Hear it all, crystal clear
  • Perfectly positioned for phone calls and music
  • Personal support, at your fingertips
Chappell Hearing Care Centers carries all the best brands of hearing aids and hearing protection devices