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Chappell Hearing Care Centers provides personalized service, top quality hearing health care and the latest hearing aid technologies available in the Fort Worth area. We carry hearing aids from most major hearing aid vendors, and we carry hearing protection devices such as musicians filters and in-ear monitors.

Hearing allows us to have conversation, use the phone, enjoy television programming, listen to music and sounds, and to learn. Hearing loss can result in the loss of all these things and more. If you know you have hearing loss or expect you may have hearing loss, or if you are assisting a friend or family member who has hearing loss, Chappell Hearing Care Centers is here to help.

Our goal is to help restore the fullness and enjoyment of life that was diminished as a result of hearing loss. This requires us to understand our patient's hearing loss and lifestyle, then to match the hearing aid technology that best restores normalcy with maximum comfort and convenience.

We are the Fort Worth area source for everything in the Hearing Care Industry. We provide complete hearing information and answers, clinical observations and referrals, product displays and demonstrations, latest hearing aid technologies and lifestyle improvements for the hearing challenged.

Thank you, Dear, for having your hearing tested at Chappell Hearing Care Centers!

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Signia Cellion

FEATURED - Signia Cellion


With its reliable high-capacity lithium-ion power cell, CellionTM provides 24 hours of use while streaming on a single charge, so you don't need to worry about them running out on you unexpectedly.

Call us today at 817-263-1971 to learn more about Signia Cellion hearing aids.

What Our Clients Say

"Kurt Chappell is a miracle man. Wonderful with hearing aids. I've been coming to Chappell Hearing Care Centers for years, very happy."

C. Hennig, Fort Worth, TX

" I bought my second pair of hearing aids from Chappell Hearing Care Centers. I'm much happier with my new hearing aids, and I'm also happy with the personal service I receive at Chappell. "

M. Hitchcock, Fort Worth, TX

"I've been doing business with Kurt for about 10 years. He has made a great difference in my ability to hear, and I hear much more clearly now than I did 10 years ago. Kurt is a very honest person who is concerned about helping me and all his patients to hear better."

R. Griffin, Fort Worth, TX

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