We wear devices that connect calls and music in our ears, and wristwatches telling us respiration and take phone calls. Wait till you hear what today’s hearing aids can do, you’ll be amazed.

Hearing Instruments today can play your favorite music from many devices like your Smart phones. If you like walking you can listen to a broadcast, a webcast, a lecture or sermon, receive phone calls, and all your movies in full stereo sound. You can get Weather warnings, Amber Alerts, and even your respiration levels. If you have a fall, the motion sensors in the instruments connected to your phone can contact your family! There are so many reasons to wear advanced hearing instruments. Yet, you can have great hearing without gadgets.

The engineering is amazing though, as these are not your grandpa’s hearing aids. So why do some not want all those gizmo’s and extra gadgets that some feel are necessities? Just because we are all different and we must accept that. We provide the technologies that best fit the patient/clients/friends lifestyle, budget, and needs.

So that’s the gizmos, what about hearing people’s voice’s clearer? Or the sounds of nature like the coyote’s howl on a moonlit night? Or the purr of a kitten or dove? How about the cascade of voices and fun activity that I miss with my grand-kids at Christmas? Or my wife’s soft voice around the house? And the sermon that I only hear parts of? Do those gizmos help me to hear any of this? They do not. Especially if you are not a gizmo, accessory carrying personality.

So now, lets talk about a Hearing Instrument’s ability to bring in clarity of speech, TV, grand-kids, soft voices and nature sounds. This is where we spend most of our time, especially if we are over 70. For the younger crowd please read on about other technologies.

Today’s entry level hearing aids are very good. However, getting them fit and programmed by an expert who has your long term outcome in mind is the important part. Getting an aid off the shelf at a store is asking for difficulties. A mail order hearing aid, probably a waste of time.

Moving up the technology ladder is a very interesting thing that I have helped people with for three decades. We do not push people to get an instrument beyond their desires. However, we love helping people learn how the hearings aids work in their ears. They can go home with them, FREE, just to get a feel for better hearing. There are dozens, literally 60 or 70 good kinds of hearing aids. Yet they are all different, and affect the way our brain hears, collects and perceives sounds. The less advanced hearing aids may not work fully for those with more severe, or complex hearing losses. Often, because of the severity of hearing loss, more technology really is needed.

What is a complex hearing loss? Believe me, they exist, to no fault of the patient. If these folks have been wearing aids for years, they can move up in technology, and often acclimate quicker than those with similar hearing losses, who have never worn instruments. Some folks can hear just as well, and be totally satisfied, at lower levels of advancement. However, over the years of wearing their instruments, folks often want to move up to ones that may have more gizmos, or abilities to clarify speech more.

For those of you who want all the features of Bluetooth wireless connection, automatics in social noise, and super fastest processors on board, we have it. The amazing thing, for these connoisseurs of hearing, we can deliver performance as good as normal hearing, or better! Today, at the Hearing Care Center there is no better time to experience your best hearing! Bring that person you want to hear better with you to your appointment. We will show you that persons voice inflections improve, inside of your ear, on our computer!