What Our Clients Say

Do not just take my word for it. Come and enjoy the Chappell experience for yourself! Hearing loss is extremely frustrating, so working with someone who is competent, caring, and honest is essential. Within minutes of my first appointment, I knew that Kurt Chappell was positively different from his industry counterparts in ALL of these categories. Unlike the crowd, Kurt Chappell matches your individual hearing loss to the appropriate hearing aid and nothing less. The Chappell experience is well worth your time. I personally recommend utilizing Kurt Chappell as your primary hearing professional.

J. Gose

Benbrook, TX

After getting new hearing aids from Chappell Hearing Care Centers, I am now hearing soft conversations at work which I had missed before. A friend even noticed I was hearing better but didn’t notice I had hearing aids! Then, when I heard the sound of a bird singing again, I almost began to cry!

M. Bostain

Fort Worth, TX

I was a hearing aid user for 20 years before coming to Chappell Hearing Care Centers. Other hearing aid centers I’ve been to pushed only one brand, but Kurt Chappell recommended the hearing aid that was designed best for me. What Kurt Chappell does is an art form, and he transformed my life.

R. Carrera

Fort Worth, TX

I normally don’t write reviews, but in this case I feel compelled to do so. I recently went to Chappell Hearing Care Center for assistance with a possible hearing loss which was affecting my participation in meetings, conferences, and normal one on one conversation. Mr. Chappell checked my ear canals, performed a comprehensive hearing test and found that I definitely had a hearing loss, most likely caused by years around loud construction equipment. Kurt Chappell evaluated the level of loss as well as the type of loss and made recommendations for hearing aids. There was no pressure to spend outside my budget, and I felt Mr. Chappell was more interested in restoring my hearing to as good a level as possible, which to me is the sign of a true dedicated professional. Appointment times were convenient, the front staff always friendly and provided excellent follow-up with courteous reminders of upcoming appointments and when the hearing aids and associated accessories were ready for me to pick up. I can’t say enough about Chappell Hearing Care Center. No more complaints about my having the television or stereo sound turned up, or asking people to please repeat themselves. I highly recommend this firm for all your hearing needs. Courteous, Friendly and Totally Professional.

Jim Schnell

Kurt is very good and thorough. He took the time to go through everything with me until I fully understood it. I was a neofite. I’m happy with my new hearing aids and the service provided by Kurt at Chappell Hearing Care Centers.

H. Dossin

Fort Worth, TX

Kurt Chappell is a miracle man. Wonderful with hearing aids. I’ve been coming to Chappell Hearing Care Centers for years, very happy.

C. Hennig

Fort Worth, TX

I thought my life would be like this forever, you know,  to be deaf the rest of my life. Before I met Kurt Chappell at Chappell Hearing Care Centers I had given up ever hearing like other people. Kurt took more time with me than anyone else ever did and showed me technology I never knew existed. He even allowed me to wear it first before buying it.  After Kurt Chappell programmed the new instrument for me and turned it on I had to shed tears of joy. I could not believe what I was hearing! The fine tuning Kurt performed allowed me to hear even more. My life has been changed, and I can communicate with my husband, kids and friends again.  I can even go places I could not go before with confidence and hearing like everybody else. Thank you so much Kurt and Chappell Hearing Care Centers. Please go to see Kurt before you buy a hearing aid and he will take the time and let you wear it before you buy.

S. Violette

Fort Worth, TX

I’ve been doing business with Kurt for about 10 years. He has made a great difference in my ability to hear, and I hear much more clearly now than I did 10 years ago. Kurt is a very honest person who is concerned about helping me and all his patients to hear better.

R. Griffin

Fort Worth, TX

I am so pleased with my new hearing aids from Chappell Hearing Care Centers. Because of my unusual hearing loss, it takes additional time, effort, and diligence to accurately set the programming. Fortunately, Kurt was patient and compassionate during the process and now I feel reconnected to conversations and my surroundings.

A. Black

Fort Worth, TX

I bought my second pair of hearing aids from Chappell Hearing Care Centers. I’m much happier with my new hearing aids, and I’m also happy with the personal service I receive at Chappell.

M. Hitchcock

Fort Worth, TX

My new hearing aids from Chappell Hearing Care Centers have brought me back to the world. Soft sounds like the crinkling of paper had disappeared from my life, but I can hear them now. It’s wonderful, and I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner!

A. Coughlin

Fort Worth, TX

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